Stop searching for the data you need; just ask for it.

EcoStruxure™ Resource Advisor Copilot is the ultimate energy and sustainability digital companion.  Copilot is designed to securely integrate with your enterprise data and provide data analysis, data queries, trend projections and more.

Resource Advisor Copilot sets you up to....

Expedite data discovery

Copilot sorts through all the data in your Resource Advisor account to deliver insights and trends in seconds.

Interact with data in a simplified way

Through a simple, conversational interaction with Copilot, you can stop searching for the data you need and just ask for it.

Improve work efficiency

Enjoy less time spent on repetitive tasks and more time spent in strategy, planning, and team collaboration, thanks to Copilot.

Building sustainability's digital future

We build innovative technology solutions to tackle the ever-evolving challenges of sustainability.  Alongside invoice validation, peak alert notifications, and risk optimization, Resource Advisor Copilot is one of many AI-enabled solutions in our portfolio Schneider Electric clients have access to.

The future of energy and sustainability intelligence starts with Resource Advisor Copilot

We are leading the way by shaping the next era of energy and sustainability intelligence and enabling clients to mobilize their decarbonization strategy with new degrees of efficiency and speed. Resource Advisor Copilot is the next evolution in our AI journey to help our clients go further, faster. 

Award-winning software at your fingertips.

Resource Advisor is our award-winning, cloud-based energy and sustainability platform that puts all your data in one place for confident reporting and decision making.

Thrive in the age of data with EcoStruxure™ Resource Advisor Copilot
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